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Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Employment Law, Workplace Discrimination | 0 comments

The Effects of Gender Bias on Employees

Despite many laws passed that stop gender discrimination, the workplace is still teeming with workers suffering from such discrimination. Experiencing gender biases can have a strong effect on the workplace, as stated below:

  • Productivity – those who suffer from gender discrimination have lower motivation and morale which could be an important part in a worker’s ability to perform their tasks. This will eventually lead to low productivity. Discrimination can occur through offensive jokes that are sexual in nature, words that could cause someone to feel inferior, or even implying that a co-worker’s work is inferior because of their gender. According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, anyone is prohibited from sex-based discrimination in the “terms and conditions” of the contract. The website of Cary Kane LLP pushes that anyone, from employers to co-workers, can be held liable if they have done such acts.
  • Promotion – although happens to both genders, women are often the victims of being passed over from promotions. Many supervisors engage in this illegal practice, often fueled by prejudiced ideas of gender roles and abilities.
  • Responsibilities – particularly family responsibilities, can present itself in the workplace. Many women who have children may be given menial jobs or lesser responsibilities if the employer thinks they will be not performing enough due to being torn between home and work: many women have experience this particular push back even when they are still applying for a job.
  • Destruction – those who suffer from gender discrimination at work often result to destruction (either to themselves or to others) in order to defend themselves. Self-destructive behaviors such as insecurity, physically hurting one’s self, and others characteristics can become a hindrance in every work, while harming others, destroying company property, spreading rumors, and other bad habits can form in defense of being discriminated.

It is not that rare to encounter gender discrimination in the workplace, as stated in an article from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., an average of about 78 claims have been reported to the highest authority regarding gender discrimination every year. Aside from being discriminated, women are also more likely to have lower salaries than their counterparts. It helps to know your rights in the workplace and how you can protect yourself from such actions.

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